Join the 200 club

We accept that many of our members may not be in a position to undertake an active role in the affairs of their local Constituency or Branch. There is, however, one thing that almost everyone can do to help, join our 200 club. For as little as £10 per annum you can earn the chance to win a cash prize whilst contributing to Constituency Party funds.

The subscription is £10 per annum (or alternatively £1 per month, if paid monthly).  Half of the money goes to the prize fund with a cash prize draw of three prizes each month. Each subscriber is allocated a share number, and the draw is made at Constituency party meetings. Winning numbers are posted on the website and also notified to members via Constituency minutes.  Prize winners are paid by cheque sent to the subscriber’s home address.

You may, of course, purchase more than one share – some existing members also buy shares for their children or grandchildren.

New 200 club members are welcome. You don’t have to be a Labour member to join our 200 Club draw, so please consider joining the scheme now. If you are interested in joining our 200 Club, please email us for details: [email protected]