Socialist Societies are organisations affiliated to the Labour Party. They include the Fabian Society, the world’s oldest think tank who helped to found the Labour Party. Including the Fabians, there are currently 21 affiliated Socialist Societies representing a range of communities, campaigns and interests. The Socialist Societies are at the heart of the Labour Party and the wider Labour movement. Though our links to communities of identity and interest, we provide the Labour Party with ways of engaging with wider society.

BAME Labour
Chinese for Labour
Christians on the left
Disability Labour
Fabian Society
Jewish Labour Movement
Labour Animal Welfare Society
Labour Business
Labour Campaign for International Development
Labour Housing Group
Labour Movement for Europe
Labour Party Irish Society
Labour Students
Labour Women’s Network
LGBT Labour
National Union of Labour and Socialist Clubs
Scientists for Labour
SERA – Labour’s Environment Campaign
Socialist Educational Association info
Socialist Health Association
Society of Labour Lawyers